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Sema - Turkey

Student @Canadian College, Vancouver

"If you decide to work with EduMatch, you will always be one step ahead of those who are thinking about coming to Canada or those who are already in Canada. Sinan will always make you feel like you are a part of his family; however he treats his family, he is going to be treating you the same way. It doesn't matter how many questions you have regarding studies or anything else, you can very confidently ask him without hesitation. You will feel very confident with all of his answers. You will be approximately 9,000 km away from your families, but this will not mean that you will be alone in Canada, because EduMatch always will be with you, even if only in spirit. If you are going to live for a long time in Canada, I recommend you to do your own research regarding some certain things. When you do that, you will feel even more comfortable and will be able to adapt to your new society in Canada much faster. There are so many agencies in Turkey, but regarding choosing the right language school, those agencies in Turkey will always try to send you to only those schools they work with. And this is going to end up putting you in a situation where you will most likely be seeing more Turkish students in that school. EduMatch is going to give you a lot of options depending on your needs. And in that case it will still be you who will make your final decision. The agencies in Turkey won't be able to inform you about everything that you may come across in Canada, but Sinan will be telling you every small detail possible, again and again, without getting tired of it. At my school, for four months, I was the only Turkish student, which is a huge advantage for me. Of course you should get some Turkish friends too here in Canada, because they will be the only ones that will be able to support you in many situations. In my experience, the foreign friends you will have here will just be good for spending some time with and they won't be able to help you with many things. If you are a lucky person, somehow Sinan will enter your life, and do a lot of positive changes to your life here in Canada."

-Sema Gültekin

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Simon - Sweden

Visitor, Toronto

"Thanks EduMatch, for fixing a private room for me & my friend and hosting us at *** D'Arcy Street. Fantastic location to stay at, walking distance to center of town was minimal and did not take more than 10-15 minutes. The room was really cool & the projector screen which must have been almost 2m wide and was that icing on the cake for the evening. Incredibly good service that not only drove us to the apartment but also when we moved out we were driven to the next place.

I strongly recommend that if someone is looking for AirBNB please contact EduMatch for a top service.

Million thanks!"

// Simon Adjei

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Özlem & Köksal - Turkey

Student @Hansa, Toronto

"When my wife and I decided to stay in Toronto for a month, we knew that it was going to be hard to find the right accommodation and the right language school. We have talked to a few companies here in Turkey, but we couldn't make a decision. The companies here in Turkey were just directing us to the schools that they were working with. After meeting with Mr. Sinan, first we have found the right language school, and then the right accommodation, just the way we wanted. Especially regarding the place that we stayed at, it was very safe and the house owner was very friendly. Whenever I needed help with anything regarding the language school, it was enough for me to call Mr. Sinan and he took care of whatever I needed. During our stay in Toronto, Mr. Sinan made us feel like family and close friend. First of all I would like to thank Mr. Sinan. And also to the rest of the EduMatch family, we would like to thank you for providing us with such great care and attention."

-Köksal Tekinaslan     

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Özgur & Yiğit -Turkey

Student @Hansa, Toronto

"Me and my brother choose EduMatch for consulting work and getting help about our language program in Canada because we have realized that it was very clear to be able to see that EduMatch was the most trustworthy organization that we could find in Turkey. EduMatch could be able to serve us in both consulting and also the quality of their work they did meet our expectations. We thank EduMatch for everything they did for us to be able to have a pleasant visit and also get lots of wonderful experience in Toronto, Canada." 

-Özgur H.             

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Ömer -Turkey

Visitor - child birth, Toronto

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Sinan and EduMatch Family for assisting us with our new born baby boy and of course for their excellent services. We have met with Sinan through a family friend and my brother who had the same incredible assistance for the very same case, all sorted out within a week (it was normally impossible!)

Thank you for your friendship and for all your help !!"

-Ömer K.

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Mehmet & family - Turkey

Newcomer, Toronto

"I would like to express my gratitude to EDUMATCH company and owner MR. SİNAN and thank them for their skilled work, sincere and compassionate approach they showed for our case in Canada. I have met MR.SİNAN, EDUMATCH through an advice from a very close friend of mine in Turkey. They have done an incredible work in a very short time comparing with other companies results for all our cases that could have been a big problem if they were not taking care of them.

I'm a business man who has been dealing with trade for over 35 years. I wanted to share this information and the company, EDUMATCH on INTERNET which I've already said a lot about to my relatives."


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Ferhat- Turkey

Student, Toronto

"Hi, I'm Ferhat Gündüzalp. I was born in 1994 and live in Istanbul. I graduated from Işık University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture in 2017 and continued my career as an interior designer. In 2017, after receiving language training in Toronto, I decided to return to Istanbul. Then I decided to come to Toronto again and with the suggestion of a friend I had the chance to meet with Sinan from Edumatch Canada.

At first I thought it was going to be difficult to keep in touch with EduMatch, because I was in Istanbul and they were in Toronto, but this was not the case at all. This was the process: Through detailed phone conversations and e-mail correspondence, I told EduMatch what I wanted to study and what kind of life I wanted to have after my education in Canada. In order to give the best recommendations, EduMatch requested enough information from me. Afterwards, I received a list of the most suitable school options and programs in those schools by e-mail. We then decided on the school and program taking my budget into consideration. After this important step I had so many questions and as you can imagine because of the depth of my questions one would really needed to put a lot of time on this and conduct detailed research to be able to answer them.

We have discussed: where I would be able to work after I've graduated; how much I may earn at the beginning and also after being experienced in the field; whether I would have the possibility to work for a government department (because in my country this would have been an option); what kind of help I would be getting from the school after graduation; how many hours I can work; how much time I would have left for my social life after work; what I will be expecting if I decide to return to Turkey; how would my Canadian education effect my academic life when I wanted to return to Turkey. These were the kinds of questions I had and for that reason I really appreciated EduMatch's services because I got them all answered. In fact, this is exactly the purpose of writing this review. Because whatever I asked, there was no question left unanswered. After that, the registration and visa procedures continued with the same diligence. I would like to thank Sinan and EduMatch for their meticulous consulting service."

-Ferhat Gündüzalp

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Nick - Russia

Student, Toronto

"I was really panicking because I couldn’t find a Guardian, since I’m underage it was really difficult to find a good Guardian. Thankfully I found a very good Guardian, not only that they managed to find him within 24 hours! If I was alone I couldn’t have done anything. Thank you so much for helping me and my education in Canada."


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Ahu & Kartal  - Turkey

Visitor - child birth, Toronto

"After deciding to give birth abroad, we started to look for the right person/company to support us in this matter. After several phone interviews, we have decided to work with EDUMATCH Consulting Group led by Mr. Sinan in a short time, thanks to his professional attitude and clear answers he gave us. Even though everything made us feel good we felt like we could trust them, we made our decision over the phone and we still had a little wonder in our mind. While saying hello to the 34th week, it was finally time to travel to Canada. Our adventure started and after a long flight we were warmly welcomed in Toronto.  Everything was happening exactly as we talked, very welcoming meeting at the airport and we moved in to our new home which met all our expectations. My husband had to return back to Turkey because of his work and even though I had to live alone for a while, with Mr. Sinan's help and care I never felt like I was alone. Him calling me every day, his team or him personally and right a way taking care of all my needs, personally accompanying me to every doctor visits and giving me his support was the greatest morale and support for me while my husband was away. Even though me and my husband talked about the whole plan and the process before he left for Turkey, I still didn't have any idea how the doctor, hospital visits, and etc. were going to happen. But as we started living in Toronto, we have realized that EduMatch has found the most suitable house for us which had everything (was equipped) we asked for and it was also in our budget. We also could be able to see and understand that my doctor, who they organized was a very preferred doctor in Canada for childbirth who had all his appointments fully booked, and our hospital was a very nice hospital in Canada which gave good service to all their patients. When the time came and it was the delivery day we had a fabulous birth with no surprises. Although Mr. Sinan kept on telling me that it was all due to my strong personality, I know that his role was big to go through this process without issues and enjoy it. My husband and I were very happy that the decision we made was the correct one and everything had gone in the direction we had imagined. As a person who experienced this satisfaction directly, we strongly and wholeheartedly advise choosing the EDUMATCH Consulting Group family without hesitation :)"

-Ahu M.

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Emre - Turkey

Student @Centennial College - Toronto

"I was a university graduate in architecture back in Turkey by 2018. I had dreamed and planned of studying, maybe staying in Canada at least for two years by that point. I heard from my friends who went abroad that the best thing to do is applying with an agent. These people are professionals after all, and apply for countless students every year. Why take the chance of failing something I wanted for so long just because of a minor mistake which I was likely to make? Well, I had my first lesson in this kind of thing that year. I had decided to apply to Architectural Technologies Course at Centennial College. I applied through an agency based in Turkey, which I paid upfront for the costs of future expenses. In the middle of summer and my process of application to the college my friend, who now lived in Canada, introduced me to Edumatch and Sinan; saying that an agency actually in Canada with personal level contacts would be better and more reliable. I decided not to rock the boat by changing agencies in mid application. That was a mistake. Turns out my friend was right, and the agency in Turkey had done nothing more than stalling me by giving me vague excuses, which I didn’t event have a chance to question since we were only corresponding by weekly meetings. Something you don’t want to lose precious time on the course of one of the most important processes of your life. In the end, I got a rejection from the school, resulting me to spend one year of my time for virtually nothing. It even took me months to be recompensated for my money which I paid upfront for the expenses which wasn’t going to take place. Immediately, I contacted Edumatch, and started working with them for my application next year. Although, we were separated by oceans it was far easier for me to be informed by them then it was with an agency in my neighbourhood. In fact, for many times I called them unexpectedly, only to remember about the time difference after we hung up. Every single time they were amazingly helpful and reassuring. As the time progressed, I realized how sloppy and incompetent the other agency was. In the end I got my acceptance letter from the college without any problems. Edumatch even got me a time extension to get my IELTs exam. They helped me for my visa application and even informed me on the things I should and can do once I stepped foot to Canada. Their magic doesn’t end there. On my first year I had to retake a class. Now, in Canada most colleges will charge you extra to retake a course. Edumatch intervened and worked their magic, and I was free of debt in an instance. I’ve never had any anxiety or stress due to legal or school related issues since I came here. I new that I can easily rely on Edumatch and their experience for any problem that I may encounter. I know this sounds like a commercial but I owe so much to them. My advice for future students who consider studying abroad is; don’t let any crook who call themselves professional agencies steal your time and money. The market is full of those. And in case of coming to Canada, I already suggested Edumatch to a number of my friends who considered coming here to study, and all of them, without exception have gotten their acceptance letters with no difficulties. The services of Edumatch are surprisingly affordable, and oh boy, you get your moneys worth multiple times once you work with them."

-Onat Emre Kavakli

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Zeynep - Canada

Entrepreneur - Toronto

"Sinan and his company are solution oriented and very professional. When I need them for any kind of topic or problem , they found the perfect solution very quickly and smart .

Because of their friendly and close approach to their client , we as a client feel very comfortable and secure.

I trust them so much . if I have any other question or problem or case , I know where to go."

-Zeynep Batur

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Emel - Turkey

Newcomer - Toronto

"I came here as a student. Edumatch team meticulously take care of every detail regarding the choice of college and accommodation also consulting. It was very difficult for us at first, new country, new rules.. but Edumatch team was always by our side and gave us all the information we needed to keep up here. Mr. Sinan is the first person I call whenever there is a problem. I would recommend such a professional and meticulous consulting firm to everyone."

-Emel M.

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