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Are you a newcomer to Canada?

Here are some of our settlement services that many newcomers to Canada have found so helpful!

Identity cards

Assistance with applying for:

  • SIN card
  • health card
  • driver's licence
  • PR card


Assistance answering questions regarding visa applications and other immigration documents.


We will help you find accommodation that best suits your needs, from short term to long term rentals, furnished and unfurnished. We work alongside experienced realtors to connect you to the city's booming real estate market.

Airport service

We provide private transportation from the airport. Relax knowing that your first trip from the airport will go smoothly!

Container shipment

We take care of the transport of your goods from the shipment facility to your current address. No need to find movers. We will ensure this process runs smoothly.


We offer discounted tuition rates at the most sought after Language Schools. Improve your English today! 

Phone service provider

We'll take care of setting up a new number for you. Rest assured you'll get the most bang for your buck, based on your individual needs.


Whether you need transportation for one day or many, we can arrange all of that for you. If you need access to a car to drive temporarily, we will be happy to assist you with a car rental.


We provide connections to employers looking to hire. 

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