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There are ma​ny misconceptions surround​ing the topic of child birth as a visitor in​ Canada.


According to the Citizenship Act, persons born in Canada are Canadian citizens. This right applies to all persons born in Canada, irrespective of the status in Canada of their parents. 


There are three important elements with regards to assessment of an application with an intent to give birth in Canada:

a) Are there enough funds available for the visit? The cost of giving birth in Canada as a visitor can easily exceed ten thousand dollars depending on the day of delivery (c-section with epidural will cost more) as well as any medical complications that may arise. High-risk pregnancies must show that additional funds are available to cover unexpected medical procedures or treatments. In addition to these funds, you must also show that you have enough to support your family in terms of accommodation and basic necessities during your stay.

b) Proof that the applicant will leave Canada at the end of their approved stay. Expectant mother must prove strong ties with home country to satisfy this element.

c) Must be admissible. Applicant must pass medical, security, and criminality checks. 

Why come to Canada to give birth to your child?

While this will not have an immediate impact on the parent's chance of becoming a permanent resident, your Canadian-born child will be eligible for a Canadian passport. They can later sponsor their family/parents once they turn 18.

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