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Kanada'ya yerleşme konusunda daha fazla bilgi​ edinmek ister misin? 

"Gözden ırak olan gönülden de ırak olurmuş derler. Fakat bizler Kanada'da bulunmakla hep y​anıbaşınızda olacağımıza söz veriyoruz."​

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Travelling while Expecting

"I was a university graduate in architecture back in Turkey by 2018. I had dreamed and planned of studying, maybe staying in Canada at least for two years by that point. I heard from my friends who went abroad that the best thing to do is applying with an agent. These people are professionals after all, and apply for countless students every year. Why take the chance of failing something I wanted for so long just because of a minor mistake which I was likely to make? Well, I had my first lesson in this kind of thing that year. I had decided to apply to Architectural Technologies Course at Centennial College. I applied through an agency based in Turkey, which I paid upfront for the costs of future expenses. In the middle of summer and my process of application to the college my friend, who now lived in Canada, introduced me to Edumatch and Sinan; saying that an agency actually in Canada with personal level contacts would be better and more reliable. I decided not to rock the boat by changing agencies in mid application. That was a mistake. Turns out my friend was right, and the agency in Turkey had done nothing more than stalling me by giving me vague excuses, which I didn’t event have a chance to question since we were only corresponding by weekly meetings. Something you don’t want to lose precious time on the course of one of the most important processes of your life. In the end, I got a rejection from the school, resulting me to spend one year of my time for virtually nothing. It even took me months to be recompensated for my money which I paid upfront for the expenses which wasn’t going to take place. Immediately, I contacted Edumatch, and started working with them for my application next year. Although, we were separated by oceans it was far easier for me to be informed by them then it was with an agency in my neighbourhood. In fact, for many times I called them unexpectedly, only to remember about the time difference after we hung up. Every single time they were amazingly helpful and reassuring. As the time progressed, I realized how sloppy and incompetent the other agency was. In the end I got my acceptance letter from the college without any problems. Edumatch even got me a time extension to get my IELTs exam. They helped me for my visa application and even informed me on the things I should and can do once I stepped foot to Canada. Their magic doesn’t end there. On my first year I had to retake a class. Now, in Canada most colleges will charge you extra to retake a course. Edumatch intervened and worked their magic, and I was free of debt in an instance. I’ve never had any anxiety or stress due to legal or school related issues since I came here. I new that I can easily rely on Edumatch and their experience for any problem that I may encounter. I know this sounds like a commercial but I owe so much to them. My advice for future students who consider studying abroad is; don’t let any crook who call themselves professional agencies steal your time and money. The market is full of those. And in case of coming to Canada, I already suggested Edumatch to a number of my friends who considered coming here to study, and all of them, without exception have gotten their acceptance letters with no difficulties. The services of Edumatch are surprisingly affordable, and oh boy, you get your moneys worth multiple times once you work with them."

-Onat Emre Kavakli

Emre - Turkey

Student@Centennial College - Toronto

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